J.B. Webb — Catching up can be hard to do

Herald Democrat

I would like to bring up for my friends and readers how I got a two-week vacation from writing — because Christmas and New Year’s was on consecutive Fridays the paper didn't runeither day. Those two weeks off were great. I got in a lot more fishing time but on the other hand, I got to help Susan on remodel jobs around the house. Give me fishing.

Our minds are a little far apart when it comes to how the house looks. This old mule, after several "how the cow eats the cabbage lectures" got harnessed up, snorting, braying and not seeing eye to eye. I wound up doing it her way.

Christmas week saw me get in three fishing trips. My first trip I caught a lot of big sand bass on a 3/8 oz. Blakemore Road Runner head with a 3.5-inch white Yum Pulse Swimbait. I saw gulls working a windy bank and so I put my trolling motor down and my first cast got a good one. I stayed with the gulls for about 20 or so minutes before they left.

Now the point, bank and water I was fishing was shallow. I have written before — any time you see gulls working, go on in and stay after they leave because you might still catch fish feeding on shad the gulls maimed and killed. Try it, you might be surprised.

I also caught some of the leftovers on a YUMbrella Jr Flash Mob. This bait catches fish but with all of the hooks joined to a flipping fish, getting it off the hook is like fighting a porcupine.

I use it on occasion but generally stick to single hooks. The next day I went out and worked my deep winter holes; it is still too warm for the fish to move in yet. As fish had been in shallow water the day before I went looking for black bass.

I had a new color Bandit 200 fishing it on 12-pound line. I was bumping the bottom of rocks and sand with the Bandit when it stopped. Thinking I was hung up, I gently pulled on the bait and something pulled back. Setting the hook I got a nice Kentucky in the boat. I caught a number of fish that day, including four keeper bass. The rest of the fish were stripers and sandbass and those fish were also shallow.

Third trip before Christmas I saw gulls working out in the open water and when I got there my Garmin gave me a clear picture of a high hump with bait and fish on it surrounded by deeper water — 25 feet or so on top and 30-40 feet around it.

This resulted in me going to my War Eagle Slab. Working it with a hard jerk, then letting it free-fall back, picked me up two box fish stripers and three or four sandbass. I didn’t keep count. The wind, as you know, got up so I went in.

The next week on New Year's Eve saw Susan and I planning on staying up to welcome the New Year. I had a bottle of chilled wine in the fridge and a fire going while we were watching TV. She made it to 9 p.m. and then went to bed. I stayed up until about 11 p.m. before throwing in the towel and joined her. The warm electric blanket put me to sleep before the ball dropped.

The next afternoon we went to our friend Julie’s house here at the Lake and toasted the bottle away. Now a resolution I made years ago continued its run. I always go fishing on the first day of the New Year if the weather will let me. I caught one fish on the first day and came back to the house and headed for the fireplace.

Susan had made me a loaf of banana bread with pecans in it. That lasted two days. I mostly loafed the rest of the week except for carrying firewood and checking out the Lurenet.com Paint Shop to see what the 300 new limited Crank baits the Paint Shop made up looks like; you likely will never find these colors in tackle stores as they only make 300.

It’s well worth a look as these baits are new and the fish haven’t seen the exact colors before. They are awesome and can be bought from Lurenet.com if you want to try to get one. That’s about it for my time off.

The Little Dixie Bass Club closed out their season with the club's top 10 points winners. Top fisherman was Brad Tolbert; second was Charlie Keene; third was a tie between John Clouse and Mark Bisson; fifth was Larry Wills; sixth was Ed Larkin; seventh was Brad Russell; eighth was John Washer; 9th was Drew Smith and 10th was Ron Geasler.

This club starts a new year this month and if you are looking for a good bass club to join this is a good one. They hold their meeting on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. at the Calvary Baptist Church at 715 W Louisiana St. in Durant and visitors are welcome.

The first Tournament of the year is this weekend. Fishing hours 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  at Catfish Bay. Joining a good club will help you fishermen who are fairly new to the sport learn more while also having a good time.