J.B. Webb — Two days fishing, four days of football

Herald Democrat

Just when you think life at the lake is perfect things happen, like Wednesday with its day of gentle, light wind.

I had planned, but dreaded, going to Jerry World for the Gunter Football Championship game. I am getting where I don’t like to drive at night as much as I used to. I especially hate driving in big cities, day or night. I’m a pokey driver according to Susan. I’m not, it's only most times I just don’t get in a big hurry. Big City people just all seem to be in a hurry and this old mule is scared to death sometimes when he slows down to try read a sign full of more arrows than the Indians had at the Little Big Horn.

Get in the wrong lane and you wind up going somewhere far away.  Trying to change lanes at the last second is a good way to get a new car when you get out of the hospital. Those Big City drivers don’t much respect letting you in to change lanes, or letting you slow down to look at something.

You can keep those big cities; just give me country. Back to football: I was visiting a friend at the hospital and he told Susan how to get the high school playoffs on our TV.  We came home, did like he said and presto we had the channel. I am one happy Pokey.

Generally, I don’t pay much attention to our local weather forecasters. Most times what they forecast doesn’t happen. For some reason this week I believed them and went fishing Monday and Tuesday. Both days were great. Monday, I went early and stayed close to our ramp. I was fishing a marina that has always been good to me once the water starts cooling.

As I idled in, I began seeing lots of bait fish on my graph. Now from my notes in the past, this time of the year I had caught fish toward the backs of coves. This time was no different; almost as soon as my 3/8 oz Blakemore Road Runner with a 3.5 inch YUM Pulse Swim Bait hit the bottom and I moved it I got three little taps.

I set the hook and put a big sandbass in the boat. I dropped it again and was using my trolling motor and the light wind to push me toward the back of the cove. I call this strolling because I’m going along slow holding my rod while the bait is moving slowly in contact with the bottom,

Blakemore sent me some 3/8 oz. Road Runner Heads. I didn’t know we had any that heavy and I’ve been with Blakemore for a long time. I was bumbling along when I got a hard strike. Setting the hook I wrestled an even bigger sandbass to the boat. Turning around I was making another pass closer to the shore using my trolling motor because I was going into the wind.

I was going over an underwater point when I hooked up with a nice Kentucky, releasing it I continued on. I got bumped again and lost a Kentucky at the boat. I kept working that stretch of water for a while longer but the shad had moved and I did to.

Moving to another marina, I had made a cast and just barely thought I had got a bite, jerks are free and this jerk paid off. I was in a tussle with a big fish. I striped line to it because I was using eight-pound line. Finally getting it turned my way I gently led it to the boat letting my rod do most of the work. It was a big bass.

I was kneeling and reaching down to lip it when my phone rung and the bass made a last effort to stay in the water worked as he got off. That was Monday and after fishing some more I went in. Wednesday I had five rods on the deck but only used one all morning. The Blakemore Road Runner and a white YUM 3.5-inch pulse Swimbait caught all my fish.

Tuesday I went fishing again. Same places but only had four sandbass and three small Kentuckys. Having had a good day Monday, and catching some Tuesday, I give it up and headed to our cove. Bingo I hit the lottery. The gulls were going crazy on a long, sandy point and out in 30 feet of water.

As none of my fishing buddies were around, I quickly picked up my slabbing rod with a War Eagle Slab and started slumming for stripers. They are fun to catch and I was catching them in both shallow and deep water. Every time I hit bottom and jerked the slab up and down. I caught a striper. None of them were really big; just good box fish as the guides say but stripers can make a poor day of fishing have a rainbow finish.

This old Gunter Football predictor who has not missed one yet says when the Tigers and the Lions meet in the Jerry World Jungle Thursday night there is going to be fur and hide flying everywhere. I’m wussing out on this one. Both teams are too much alike and too good with almost the same scores against all of the teams they faced.

This one is going to be too close to call but I’m taking Gunter by three. I’ll be in my recliner comfortably dressed and drinking $1 a bottle beer instead of a $5 one at Jerry World. Goober might come watch it with me too. Go Tigers all the way.