New Grayson County record typical whitetail tagged?

Lynn Burkhead
For the Herald Democrat
As social media announced earlier this week, longtime Grayson County bowhunter Tarif Alkhatib (left) arrowed on Wednesday one of the best typical whitetails ever reported in Grayson County. Shown here with retired TPWD game warden Dale Moses (right), the 12-point mainframe typical buck could be a new county record with a net score in the upper 170s.

Social media erupted mid-week when news broke of a massive typical whitetail taken in Grayson County by bowhunter Tarif Alkhatib, a Texas DPS state trooper and longtime deer hunter in the area.

The huge bow buck, arrowed this week on Wednesday morning and featuring 12 typical points and two abnormal points, was rough scored by Fannin County taxidermist Roy McCraw later that evening and produced some of the biggest numbers ever associated with a Grayson County whitetail.

With a mainframe 12-point rack, an abnormal point coming off of each G-2 tine, and symmetry differences from one side to the other, the buck’s gross score is reportedly in the mid-190s and the net score is reportedly in the upper-170s as a typical.

Assuming that those reported early numbers hold up after any official scoring takes place down the road following a mandatory 60-day drying period, the buck taken by Alkhatib earlier this week could be a record breaker here in Grayson County.

Currently, in the Grayson County Record Book that yours truly has maintained over the past 20-years — and it should be noted that all deer included in the GCRB have an official score from the Texas Big Game Awards Program, the Pope and Young Club, and/or the Boone and Crockett Club — the Alkhatib buck from this week could quite possibly become the new county record as a typical.

Currently, a pick-up entry entered into the Boone and Crockett Club record book sits in the top spot for Grayson County, a 2008 typical entry that has a net-score of 177 2/8-inches (Editor’s Note: B&C allows pick-up entries to be included in their record keeping system, while such entries are not allowed in the Pope and Young Club archery record book or the TBGA program).

The top hunter killed typical whitetail in Grayson County remains Jim Lillis’ huge Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge archery buck from late November 2007. That buck, taken by the longtime Sherman resident and retired senior regional director for Ducks Unlimited, is a mainframe 10-pointer that has a net score of 175 2/8-inches.

After seeing and photographing both the Lillis buck back in 2007 and the Alkhatib buck from earlier this week, suffice it to say that both whitetails are highly impressive. And they serve as proof positive that the modest whitetail herd that lives in Grayson County can turn out some highly impressive headgear when they are allowed to reach full maturity.

While the local county doesn’t have anywhere near the deer density numbers that other counties in Texas do, Grayson County can turn out some highly impressive older age class deer. To date, the local woods have produced at least two previous typical Boone and Crockett entries (with a minimum entry net score of 170-inches) and 11 non-typical B&C entries (with a minimum entry net score of 195-inches).

If the early numbers hold up over the next 60 days, then Grayson County will add another B&C entry to its impressive resume thanks to the buck taken this week by Alkhatib.

The buck is also likely to be one of the bigger typical deer shot anywhere in the Lone Star State this fall, regardless of weapon type. At the reported numbers mentioned above, the Alkhatib buck would also be a "Top 10" all-time typical candidate for the Pope and Young record book listings for the state of Texas. 

Currently, Thomas D. Friedkin owns the P&Y state record typical mark with a 2005 Dimmitt County whitetail that scored 187 6/8-inches net. Also, the Jim Lillis buck from Grayson County checks in at number 11 in the Texas P&Y listings for typical whitetails as recorded in the 4th edition of the Bowhunting Records of North American Whitetail Deer.

Stay tuned for more on this massive Grayson County buck in the weeks to come.