J.B. Webb — Never too old to learn something new in fishing

Herald Democrat

This new fishing method came around by accident.

Tuesday before the wind moved in, I went fishing. I knew it was going to be a good day and Goober wasn’t there to roll around laughing. If you don’t use our ramp just right, things happen. Now I’ve launched down there so often I think I could launch asleep but I’ll pass.

Lining Tombstone up I rolled backwards. On one side we have a foot drop-off and if you back wrong, the axel on your trailer is sitting on the ramp with your wheel freewheeling in the air.

I was unable to move it anyway with my truck and I smoked the tires. No one was around so I had to get out on my own. I’m prepared for most emergencies that might come up in the pursuit of big fish.

I got the jack out of my boat box and jacked up the trailer until I could put enough big, flat cement rocks under the wheel to make it easy to pull out. I put it in the water on my next try.

The day was still great with a little wind. It took two stops before I nailed a Kentucky on the New Boyo Super Spook, Heddon has come out with. Fishing got harder after that fast first catch.

I moved around. The wind was starting to pick up so I went to the east bank and started fishing my way out. Nothing wanted to bite. I changed to my P50 Rebel Pop R that has almost no paint left from catching so many fish over time; loved that bait.  Well, it wasn’t doing any better.

I was fishing a rocky point when I had a coffee call. I put the rod between my legs as my hands were full. All at once the water splashed as a fish hit my Pop R. I set the hook with a nice body move to the left; I had learned from watching a girl in a grass skirt dance on TV. I was making moves and shaking so much I could have done a lead-in for Hawaii 5-0; all I needed was a grass skirt and a better-looking pair of legs.

I was still playing the fish with the rod between my legs. Finally getting my hands loose, I jerked the rod and got a played-out fish to the boat. Readers, I do my best to nicely describe these events but you will have to fill in the betweens; you needed to be there for the full show.

This was a decent fish I released. Not too long after I was slow Rolling a 3/8-ounce Blakemore Road Runner across the bottom when I nailed another good fish, only problem it was a monster sandbass. I fished on and not long after I was getting tired and my Pop R was just floating close to a piece of brush in the water, I picked my rod up and the water exploded.

I saw about half a body of a big bass as it took the Pop R. It was close to where Goober had lost a big fish a couple of weeks ago. I turned the fish before he could get to the brush. He came for the boat and I got on my knees to keep him below the trolling motor.

This fish was determined to get away as he went toward the big Motor I was following and had my rod as deep in the water as I could. I turned it again and had it coming to the boat as I turned to get my net when he made one more run and my line snapped and he went home to hang my favorite top water bait on his wall.

As Charlie says, if you just get one fish and he is big as this one was you have had a good day and I agree. The wind was really picking up so I went in.

Looks like it’s going to blow the rest of the week so I think I’ll just go to a football game.