J.B. Webb — The adventures of Frick and Frack continued

Herald Democrat

Before I get into the meaty section of our fishing trip, we had another Frick and Frack event. Now Charlie’s boat is nice but it’s kinda hexed — every time lately we have gone in his boat has been an experience. Rods and reels are sucked out, rods break and he managed to catch me with a lure.

He reminds me sometimes of a knitting grandma as he picks out backlashes. Now I have had a few when we were together — some of them were just get another rod out bad. The events we have come to expect when we fish together hit again.

Tuesday morning, we met at our ramp and headed out. Once past the No Wake Buoy he hammered down on the throttle and we took off. For some reason it seemed like we were going faster than I remember.

Running toward where we were going to start fishing on a rocky bank, he pulled back on the throttle and it wouldn’t come back; we were flying down the lake aimed at a rock wall. Charlie was pulling, the rocks were getting closer and we were still flying. Charlie was looking down and fiddling with the shifter, I was watching a near-death event fast approaching.

He looked up, saw where our trip was going to end, and turned off the switch. When the boat quit planing, we were very close to a “hold my beer and watch this” event. Charlie finally got it loose enough that we could use it to fish with.

We fished the bank we had almost hit. Not a fish to be had. Moving to another little cove, I got a nice bass on a Booyah 3/16 Shaky Head with 3-inch Water Mellon Green Wooly Hawgtail with the tail dipped in Chartreuse Die. Moving out we began point hopping. Charlie took three off one little point. I gave up on green fish for a while as a school of stripers and sandbass came up all around us.

I was catching them and missing a lot that chased my lure to the boat. Finally, we headed toward the main lake. I was going to the Buffalo Point. We headed in toward our cove after hitting a couple of more spots. Charlie was ready to call it a day and I was too; Susan had left some need to do things for me.

Wednesday, I put my boat in the water to cross over and talk to a marine repair crew. I wanted them to reset a No Wake Buoy for me. After that I figured since I was in the water I’d go fishing. I made a run to some of the places we had fished the day before. I caught stripers and sandbass one after another on my cork and streamer. They were all around. Finally, they left and I moved on.

Another shallow point yielded me two bass. My next stop got me one more bass and two stripers. It was a fun day. I fished on and caught a couple of more small bass. I made another stop and a strange thing happened. It was a place where many years ago I had caught two nice fish at the same time on a Heddon Spook. They say lighting doesn’t strike the same place twice, which is a saying I've got no faith in.

In this case it did. I was fishing and a big school of shad were driven up on some flat rocks with black bass chasing them. I had tied on a new Popping Image color called Spring Break Shad. It was a bigger lure than the P60 Rebel Pop R I had been throwing. I threw it out where the action was and when it hit the water there was a big splash. I set the hook and my drag slipped. I reeled and wasn’t making much headway.

The fish ran under a boathouse. I finally worked it out and got it to the boat. I had 2 bass on the new lure that would go about two-plus pounds each. I caught them in the same place I had caught those two long ago. I finished up in our cove. There is an old tree that drifted in years ago. It’s just now showing in the falling water.

I had been throwing a new Booyah Covert Series Spinner bait around the boathouses without any luck. I made a cast into the tree and was working the spinner bait out when it was clobbered by a big largemouth. I got the fish in and it went an easy four pounds. Wednesday was a better day than Thursday; the only reason I can give is maybe the rain helped.

This October 15-17 will see the annual Welcome Home for our military members. Jerry Dorsey has been ramrodding this for years with lots of help both local and away. Last year it was canceled because of COVID-19. This year it’s back with troops from Fort Sill, Fort Hood, Tinker Air Force Base and Sheppard Air Force Base.

It starts with a meet and greet at 7 p.m. at the Lake Side VFW Post 7873 at the end of North 289 — make a right, then left turn and drive until you see the VFW sign. They serve some good burgers there if you want to come hungry. A big thanks to many of the local striper guides who donate a morning of fishing for the military personal. When I find out who all they are I’ll put it in an article and you just might want to go fishing with them.

The weigh-in will be at Little Mineral Marina starting around 11 a.m. or a little earlier. Last year the Vietnam Veterans Post 973 served breakfast burritos for the troops. The Georgetown Baptist Church will furnish lunch Saturday at 1:30 p.m. Sunday American Legion Post 231 will furnish breakfast before the troops leave to go back to their bases. It should be a fun time and I know our military will feel good when people show up to mingle with them.

If you would like to donate to help, defray the costs of putting this event on, call Jerry at 903-271-6646 for where to send money or bring it to the Lakeside VFW Post. All help will be deeply appreciated. Hope to see you there. I’ll be the slender old mule wearing a tin can Navy cap.

Local fishermen Tim Cline and Chris McCall won $14,000 for a third-place finish and a side pot in the TTO Pro Team Fishing Tournament last weekend on Texoma with a two-day total weight of 35.54 pounds of bass.

This Saturday will see the North Central High School Fishing Teams hit Texoma. There are as many as 200 or more boats expected. Weigh-in will be at Denison High School Saturday starting around 3 p.m. Weather might make a change in this if it’s dangerous.