AHS head coach Vince Sharp named Class 4A Coach of the Year

By Rick Bailey
Anna-Melissa Tribune

ANNA - It was announced on Monday, November 23 that Anna High School’s head tennis coach Vince Sharp was chosen by his peers and members of the Texas Tennis Coaches Association as the Class 4A State Coach of the Year. This following the Anna Varsity team tennis team’s third straight trip to the Regional tournament. The TTCA selects coaches of the year from each region and each division initially and names the classification (4A-6A) coach of the year from that group.

The success of the Anna tennis program shows up year after year in both the fall and the spring with the number of kids that advance past district to many different levels of the playoffs. After taking over a program that was virtually non-existent, Sharp and the kids that have been a part of the program have made great strides forward each year. 

What is evident in more than championships or playoff runs is the impact that head coach Vince Sharp has had on the lives of the kids he coaches. More than that these kids have a team to belong to and a place to be doing something they love which is apparent if you watch only one match as they play. 

When asked what this honor means to himself and the tennis program at Anna High School Sharp commented, “It honestly means a lot to me. I pour my heart into this program. My primary goals have never been to win championships or awards. It has been about creating a program where kids can come and find a place to belong.” 

Sharp further added, “The kids feel accepted and know that they are cared about. This world we live in doesn’t offer enough opportunities for kids to feel that way. It is why I coach. So for a program built on heart, love, acceptance and belonging to be honored with an award like this; means that people out there can see that all those things still matter the most. The core values of this program mean more than winning championships.” 

For all the kids that have been part of this program and the ones who will be in the future the tone is set for much success. That success will be both in life and one the tennis court. One fact remains the same throughout the framework of the Anna tennis program. You can almost always find head coach Vince Sharp out there on the court working with one of his kids trying to help them be the best they can be. 

Whether it's one of his own daughters, Morgan and Ella or another one of the many kids he calls his own as a part of the tennis program at Anna you’ll find him there helping. More than helping you’ll find him there caring. That’s how he has built the Anna High School tennis program, “The Sharp Way.”