Melissa warns of using junk cars as Christmas decor

staff reports
City officials add that many nonprofit organizations will happily accept junk vehicles as donations.

Melissa code enforcement staff sent out an announcement about Christmas decorations and junk cars.

Per city ordinances, wrecked, discarded, fully or partially dismantled, or otherwise inoperable vehicles are considered junk vehicles, and per law, they are not allowed in areas visible to the general public.  This means there is a code enforcement issue if individuals are using junk cars as holiday decorations.

Cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles that have been sitting on public property for three days or on private property for 30 consecutive days are considered to be in violation of city codes and must be moved. Vehicles will also be considered in violation if they do not have current valid registration tags.  

Covering the vehicles with tarps or temporary covers does not put owners in compliance with the law.  They must instead fully remove vehicles from view or place them inside an enclosed building