MPD calls out golf cart owners

Anna-Melissa Tribune
Carts are not allowed on sidewalks, pedestrian walkways and other areas.

While golf carts are perfectly legal on the streets of Melissa, the police department reminds residents that certain regulations must be followed for the safety of them and others sharing the road. 

For starters, all golf cart drivers must hold a valid driver’s permit.  Carts are not allowed on sidewalks, pedestrian walkways, jogging trails, park trails, or any other place used for pedestrian traffic. Riders must also remain seated in the cart at all times. 

As for the golf carts themselves, they must be up to code before hitting the streets.  That means they need to have a slow-moving vehicle emblem, parking brake, rearview mirror, two headlamps, two tail lamps and four side reflectors (two amber in the front and two red in the back). All golf cars must also be inspected and registered with the Melissa Police Department. 

Additional details on driving golf carts in the city can be found on the police department page of the Melissa city website.