Expect intermittent closures of Melissa Road through August

staff reports
Construction on Melissa Road is expected to affect drivers through August of 2021.

Construction has begun on the next phase of Melissa Road. Motorists can expect intermittent closures through early August as crews install an underground storm sewer system on both sides of the road between Sherman Street and State Highway 121.  

All construction is scheduled to take place between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.  Melissa Road will be accessible outside of those times. However, drivers are advised to exercise caution. 

City officials say that when work is completed, the two-lane asphalt road will be transformed into a modern concrete thoroughfare, providing easier access to points east and west. According to them, the storm sewer system is an integral part of the street’s infrastructure. The improvements will allow for rainwater to be removed more efficiently, providing a safer road for vehicles and pedestrians. 

Residents are encouraged to find alternate routes when traveling between State Highway 121 and State highway 5. Access to the Melissa Post Office will remain open along Miller Road. The Melissa Fire Department has also worked with the project's contractor to develop plans that ensure emergency vehicles will still be able to enter and leave the fire station. During construction, Fannin Road will also be temporarily closed 

Upon completion of the project, the store storm sewer system will be connected on both ends to existing culverts at Dallas Street, providing an uninterrupted linkage of the stormwater collection system. Melissa Road is expected to become a major east-west thoroughfare in the coming years. A future reconstruction of Harrison Street from Highway 5 to Washing Drive will provide another alternate access road in the same direction.