Anna approves purchase of ladder truck

By Joshua Baethge
For the Anna-Melissa Tribune
Anna is making preparations for its new fire truck.

The Anna City Council unanimously approved the purchase of the city’s first ladder truck. Fire Chief Ray Isom said it was a very exciting milestone for the department. He recalled a conversation a few years back with the mayor who old him, “we’re going to get that fire truck.” 

Isom went out of his way to thank the Council as well as voter who approved funds for the ladder truck in a May bon election.  He also thanked the department’s internal apparatus team who worked to make sure that the engine purchased would ultimately meet all of the city’s needs  

The ladder truck is tentatively scheduled to be delivered next March.  However it will likely take a few more months before it will be in service. Firefighters will need to complete extensive training since many of them have never worked on a ladder before.  

Councilman Kevin Totten elicited laughs when he jokingly asked the Chief if he could climb the ladder during a future ride-along. Councilman Randy Atchley, a longtime firefighter by trade, deadpanned that he would definitely want to be there to see that.