Melissa ISD bond passes; other May election results

By Joshua Baethge
For the Anna-Melissa Tribune
Keith Murphy

Nearly 80 percent of Melissa voted in favor of a $400 million bond package that will fund the construction of elementary and middle schools, the final phase of Melissa High School, and other facility needs.  Superintendent Keith Murphy said he was thrilled to death with the results.

“We’re grateful for the support of the great community of Melissa,” he said. “Right now the biggest words for all of us are ‘gratitude’ and ‘joy.’ We’re blessed to get to do great things for the kids of Melissa.”

Melissa ISD Superintendent Keith Murphy discussed the district’s bond proposal during a recent promotional video.

He promised that the district’s goal is always to make good use of taxpayer dollars. He said that Melissa ISD would also carefully vet curriculum to ensure that everything the district teaches would reflect the community’s value.  That includes being on guard to ensure that textbooks contain content that also reflects those values.

Melissa, Anna ISD Trustee Incumbents Prevail

The incumbent candidate prevailed in every local board of trustee contest.  The closes race was the Melissa ISD Place 3 seat where Jason Granger held off two challengers to secure his third term.  He earned 47.19 percent of the vote compared to Rachel Taylor’s 33.99 percent and Kent Norwood’s 18.82 percent.  

Melissa ISD Place 4 Trustee Russell Cox also earned his third term. He topped Jennifer Grace by a margin of 62.55 percent to 37.45 percent. Place 5 Trustee Omar Landrum garnered 68.63 percent of the vote to win his second full term. He topped Quentin Thomason, who got 31.37 percent of the vote.  A little more than 1,600 residents voted in the Melissa ISD Elections.

In Anna ISD, Place 2 Trustee Jason Adams was re-elected with 58.37 percent of the 1,261 votes cast.  Challenger Diane Hopewell finished second with 33.15 percent.  She was followed by Jourdan Henley with 8.49 percent.

Paul “Monty” Renfro was also re-elected for another term as Place 6 Trustee.  He ran unopposed.

Collin College Incumbents Also Win

All three Collin County College Trustees running for re-election prevailed in their races. Place 7 Trustee Jim Orr defeated Helen Chang by a margin of 53.86 percent to 46.14 percent. Place 8 Trustee Bob Collins topped Misty Irby 52.66 percent to 47.34 percent. Place 9 Trustee Andy Hardin prevailed over Jacoby Stewart Sr. by a margin of 64.12 percent to 35.88 percent.

Unofficial Results

Melissa ISD Proposition A

For                   79.80%

Against            20.20%

Anna ISD Trustee Place 2

Jason Adams               58.37%

Diane Hopewell          33.15%

Jourdan Henley           8.49%

Melissa ISD Trustee Place 3

Jason Granger             47.19%

Rachel Taylor              33.99%

Kent Norwood            18.82%

Melissa ISD Trustee Place 4

Russell Cox                  62.55%

Jenifer Grace               37.45%

Melissa ISD Trustee Place 5

Omar Landrum           68.63%

Quentin Thomason     31.37%