Anna council approves comprehensive master plan

By Joshua Baethge
For the Anna-Melissa Tribune
Representatives from the City of Anna and development company Centurion America recently broke ground on the Villages of Hurricane Creek, which will be located on the west side of US 75.  The Anna 2050 Comprehensive Plan approved by the city council will serve as a road map for future development in the city.

The Anna City Council approved three long-term master plans for the city during its April 27 meeting.  Collectively known as “Anna 2050”, they include an overall comprehensive plan, a downtown master plan and an open space master plan.  

These plans will serve as a guide for development decisions in the city over the next 30 years.  The vision statement says that, “Based on heritage and built on innovation, by 2050 Anna is a diverse and vibrant community, balancing big-city assets with a hometown character, where neighbors of all ages, races and abilities enjoy a premier community with the homes, jobs and community amenities they need to thrive.”

The comprehensive plan identifies four areas as key centers for economic development opportunities. Included among them is the US 75 corridor, which is expected to evolve into the city’s primary activity center. As the area evolves, it is expected to attract people from across the region. The Anna Business Center along the future Collin County Outer Loop between State Highway 5 and State Highway 121 is envisioned as an employment hub catalyzed by the Anna Business Park.  The Westminster Community along State Highway 121 is also envisioned as a future development opportunity, though market projections say this may not come until sometime beyond the year 2050.

The other area targeted for more development is Downtown Anna. Its master plan identifies multiple opportunities to attract both businesses and residents to the area. It also seeks to preserve certain elements of the city’s heritage while creating spaces that attract more people.

The open space master plan lays out several specifics on how the city can continue to maintain and expand its facilities over the coming decades.  

Together, these plans are the culmination of over a years’ worth of gathering community input, meeting with various boards, and coordinating with consultant Kimley Horn. Mayor Nate Pike characterized it as a great foundational point for the city moving forward.  Mayor Pro-tem Lee Miller added that the trick now will be the implementation of it, which will ultimately be up to city staff and the city council.