Anna water maintenance period ends

staff reports
Anna's water tower is one of several local landmarks illuminated blue to show gratitude for police officers.

Anna residents may have noticed a slight change in the taste and color of their drinking water this week. That’s because the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) recently finished its annual chlorine maintenance period. This disinfection, conducted by many public water systems across the country, is a critical part of the of the water treatment process. 

For most of the year the NTMWD has a two-step process that first treat water at the plans and then adds disinfectant to maintain water quality as it travels through pipes to every home. The two states are necessary to keep water free of microorganisms like parasites and virus. 

NTMWD uses a combination of ozone and free chlorine in the first step, and then adds chloramine, which is basically chlorine plus ammonia. 

For a month each spring, NTMWD suspends the use of ammonia to allow the remaining chlorine to keep water disinfected in the pipes. Officials say it is important to do this before summer because hotter temperatures increase the potential for bacterial growth in pipes.  

The district has been following this process for more than a decade and say that high water quality has always been maintained.  This is confirmed by testing required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  More detailed information on these test results is posted on the TCEQ website.