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County announces new vaccine allocations

staff reports
County Judge Chris Hill

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) announced its latest round of COVID-19 vaccine allocations for Collin County on Jan. 23.

Collin County Health Care Services (CCHCS)was given 2700 doses of the Moderna vaccine, while the cities of McKinney and Allen were given 2000 doses each.  Baylor Scott & White Health was also given 3900 doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

According to County Judge Chris Hill, CCHCS has the capacity to administer 6,000 doses per day and had requested 42,000 doses for the week beginning Jan. 25.

Over the past seven weeks, the DSHS has only allocated 46,175 vaccines to Collin County.  According to Judge Hill, that amount should have been more than 72,000 based on the county’s population.  The deficit of more than 26,000 doses is second only to Denton county among all 254 counties in the state.

“Thursday morning, I spoke to DSHS officials about the inequity of doses being allocated to Collin County,” Hill said. “DSHS officials acknowledged that Collin County and Denton County have not been provided an equitable share of vaccine doses. But they also stated that they will not correct the deficiency until late February at the earliest. By late February, the deficiencies in Collin County and Denton County will have increased to 45,000 for each county.”

The vaccine is currently available to those who fall within categories 1A and 1B of the DSHS vaccination priority designations.  That includes healthcare workers, residents of long-term care facilities, first responders, people over 65 years old and those with chronic medical conditions that put them at greater risk for the virus.

Gov. Greg Abbott talks about the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine at a UPS Distribution Center on Tuscany Way on Thursday December 17, 2020.   Listening is Texas Division of Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd.

The county continues to operate a vaccination waiting list as part of a partnership between it and 29 local partnering agencies. More information on this be can be found on the Collin County website, Vaccination hubs operated by the county and the City of McKinney will continue to schedule appointments from the list. 

The city of Allen and Baylor Scott & White Health are operating separate waiting lists that are unaffiliated with the Collin County program. Collin County residents seeking more information about the City of Allen vaccine registration process residents may visit the city website or call (214) 509-4333. For more information about the Baylor Scott & White vaccine registration process, Collin County residents may visit the Baylor Scott & White website or call (844) 279-8222. 

Collin County employees are not allowed to answer specific questions about the City of Allen, City of McKinney, or Baylor Scott & White vaccine hubs.