Anna student helps bury 2020

By Joshua Baethge
Van Alstyne Leader
Anna High School Student Colton Huggins built a time capsule to memorialize the year 2020

Anna High School sophomore Colton Huggins has designed a time capsule to help bury 2020.  The project was part of an initiative spearheaded by Nation of Makers Champion Joel Leonard.  He encouraged organizations and individuals to design time capsules that will literally and figuratively bury the unprecedented year.  It will also help educate the future with the lesson learned this year.

Anna ISD Makerspace Technology Specialist Emily Burk said she was very proud of Colton’s work. He’d previously learned the CAD program and was able to use his engineering skills to design the capsule. He used a 3-D printer to create prototypes and is almost finished with the project.

“I just thought it was the coolest thing for him to shine and use his skills,” Burk said. 

Colton says that he got the idea for his design from a Christmas movie he watched. The film featured a box that had a button. When pushed, an iris mechanism similar to a camera lens would open.

He admits that making the design was a little more challenging than he first anticipated.  His original two-day timeline stretched to over three weeks. He spoke to other students about helping, but none of them were particularly interested in it. Colton persevered on his own, and with some help from Burk, managed to make a design a reality. 

On Dec. 30, he presented his design via Zoom to others participating in the Bury2020 project.  At the end of the presentation, Leonard said he was thoroughly impressed, and vowed to give Colton a reference letter for his college application.

“You’re the kind of guy who made this whole project worthwhile,” he said.

Anna High School English classes provided much of the content for the time capsule. They included brochures on how to survive the year 2020 and lessons learned during the year.  These items will be transferred onto a flash drive due to space constraints. A mask, hand sanitizer, and Colton’s first prototype will also be sealed away.

Anna High School Student Colton Huggins built a time capsule to memorialize the year 2020

The time capsule won’t actually be buried.  Experience shows that time capsules often get lost or forgotten when that happens.  Instead, it will be encased in a prominent location like a museum artifact at the school. Future students will one day open the case and get a glimpse of life as we know it today.