Anna recognizes outstanding employees

Future Brown
Anna-Melissa Tribune
Anna police officer Tammy Fernandez earned an Outstanding Performance Award for her outstanding leadership as the department’s interim lieutenant.

The City of Anna recognized three city employees for their ability to make a difference and create a positive impact on their department and the city as a whole. The awards were presented by City Manager Jim Proce and HR Director Stephanie Beitelschies.

Brent Armstrong of the Parks Division was named city employee of the year. He was recognized for his care of the city’s outdoor spaces and his dedication to keeping community programming possible.

Among the projects he had a hand in were helping build Paw Park at Natural Springs Park, continually trying to improve the irrigation at Slayter Creek Park, keeping all creeks and ponds for the city sprayed and cleaned and keeping all city tree rings sprayed. He also coordinated all baseball rentals, performing tasks like programming lights, prepping fields, keeping up with applications, and makeup practices. 

Anna Fire Rescue Capt. Chuy Eaton was given the Outstanding  Performance Award for his role in the city’s COVID-19 response.

Anna Police Lt. Tammy Fernandez earned the Outstanding Performance Award. After serving as a sergeant for the past several years, she was named interim lieutenant this year, ably filling a vital leadership role.  While the department was going through leadership changes, it still managed to accomplish many things during her interim tenure. These achievements included updating the organizational chart, arranging department meetings and shift schedules, optimizing logistical functions, establishing a department call tree, recommending interim leadership positions and personnel assignments and setting performance expectations.

Fernandez was also commended for her positive, energetic and inclusive attitude. She is well known for her tendency toward laughter and her ability to find the bright side of challenging situations.

Also given the Outstanding Performance Award was Anna Fire Rescue Capt. Chuy Eaton.  He’s known in the department as the undisputed EMS expert. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, he was assigned the role of Infection Control Officer. Over the course of the department’s response to the virus, city officials say he exhibited exemplary leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills, and clarity of direction. 

Brent Armstrong of the Anna Parks Department (center) was named City Employee of the Year. City Manager Jim Proce (left) and HR Director Stephanie Beitelschies (right) presented him with the award.

His job required him to analyze, prioritize and communicate COVID-19 information on a daily basis. Despite the fact that information often changed from minute to minute he was always calm and reassuringly confident.  He was also revered for being kind, thoughtful, encouraging and calming. During the 2-3 months of the initial pandemic response, Eaton never took a day off.