Anna Public Works unveils new VAC truck

Staff reports
The Vactor 2100i combination sewer cleaner may soon be a common sight along Anna streets.

Anna residents fret not if you see a Transformer-like truck rooting around in area manholes or sewer mains.  The city recently purchased a Vactor 2100i combination sewer cleaner. It’s a versatile piece of heavy equipment that the public works department will utilize to make significant service improvements.

Specifically, the machine will be used to clean and maintain sewer lift stations, sewer mains and sewer manholes.  This is intended to extend their life span and reduce the need for replacements.

The new vehicle also gives the city the ability to quickly respond to and resolve sewer backups.  Its hydro/vacuum system will allow them to excavate in difficult to reach areas, reducing the impact on yards and properties when issues arise. 

City official plan to use the Vactor on a regular basis for many operation and maintenance tasks. Residents can expect to see it in action within weeks.