Pike seeks 2nd term

By Joshua Baethge
Anna-Melissa Tribune
Nate Pike

Anna Mayor Nate Pike announced Sunday that he will seek re-election next year for a second full term. While acknowledging that the commitment has been demanding and taken away time with his wife and young children, he believes there is still work that needs to be done. 

“As I reflect on 2020, a year of unknowns, a few mistakes, along with many achievements, challenges remain ahead and I know I’m prepared to lead us through them,” he said in a social media post to residents “I’m a man who relies on prayer and pursuing God’s direction in making decisions for this city. I’ve felt strongly that my work in this city as your mayor is not complete so while it’s weighed heavily on my mind lately, I am asking for your support as I seek re-election in May 2021.”

Pike first got into city government as President of the Community Development Corporation. He was elected mayor in a special Nov. 2017 election after former mayor Mike Crist resigned to focus on pursuing his Ph.D.

In May 2018, Pike ran unopposed to earn his first full three-year term. 

During his time in office, he’s overseen a nearly total makeover of the city staff.  He credits the current city council for being forward-thinking and working together toward a common vision of what the city can be.  He also says City Manager Jim Proce has done a great job at assembling a solid team and helping to take the city to the next level.

According to Pike, their efforts have helped put Anna “on the map” when it comes to successful cities in North Texas. He sees a lot of good things taking place in terms of growth and gaining industry, something for which the council and city staff deserve plenty of credit.

If given a second term, he plans to focus much of this time updating Anna’s capital improvement plans and the city’s infrastructure.

Pike says he also wants to run again because he and his wife are committed to serving the city where they chose to move and raise their children. However, he also believes that effective leaders know when it’s time to let others take the reins.

“I believe that six years is enough time,” he said. “While we don’t have term limits in Anna, I can tell you that this will be my last.”