2 Anna council races head to runoff

By Joshua Baethge
Anna-Melissa Tribune
Anna candidates greet supporters on Election Day.

Anna City Council Place 3 (unofficial results)

*Hugh Heath               1,675 votes     40.29%

*Stan Carver II             1,552 votes     37.33.%

Elden Baker                 930 votes        22.37%

*Top 2 finishers will go to a runoff

Anna City Council Place 4 (unofficial results)

*Bryan Heath              1,485 votes     36.18%

*Randy Atchley           1,391 votes     32.12%

Nathan Bryan              1,303 votes     31.73%

*Top 2 finishers will go to a runoff

Anna City council Place 5 (unofficial results)

Danny Ussery              2,220 votes     51.62%

Kelly Patterson-Hernton         2,081 votes     48.38%

Two of the three Anna City Council races are headed to a runoff. In the Place 3 contest to replace John Beazley,  Hugh Heath led the three-person field with 40.29 percent of the vote. He will face Stan Carver II, who received 37.33 percent.  Elden Baker finished third with 930 votes.

Stan Carver

In the Place 4 contest to fill the remaining 18 months of an open seat, Bryan Heath topped the field with 36.16 percent of the vote.  He will take on Ryan Atchley in a runoff, who received 32.12 percent of the vote. Current Place 5 councilman Nathan Bryan, who initially planned to step down before deciding to run for the partial term, finished a close third with 31.73 percent of the vote.

Bryan Heath is the son of Hugh Heath, setting up the possibility of a father-son team on the council

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who voted, the best is yet to come,” Bryan Heath said in a Facebook post to supporters. “I would like to take this moment to thank the candidates in Anna’s local elections for all of their hard work.”

Bryan Heath

In the two-person contest for the Place 5 seat, Danny Ussery topped Kelly Patterson-Herndon by more than three percentage points.  He spent the evening with family, friends and supporters at an election watching party at Salsas Tex-Mex. They had to wait until 12:35 a.m. for the final results to come int.  While surprised that the race was so close, he says he is very excited about the win.

“Now I’m ready to start working for our citizens of Anna,” he said. “We have a lot going on in the City of Anna.”

Danny Ussery

Those who went to the polls on election day may have been surprised by the short lines. That’s because an overwhelming number of voters cast their ballots early.  Out of the 6,602 people who voted in the city council races, 5,673 of them took advantage of the early voting period, leaving only 715 to vote on election day.  An additional 214 people vote by mail.

The runoff election for the Place 3 and 4 seats will take place Dec. 8.