New water tower planned for Melissa

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Anna-Melissa Tribune

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MELISSA - The skyline of Melissa will change with the addition of a 2 million-gallon water tower that is set to be built on the city’s north side.

Given the city’s current and anticipated rates of growth, the Melissa City Council unanimously authorized City Manager Jason Little to enter into a contract with a company that will construct the Melissa North Elevated Storage Tank, which has been dubbed NEST.

“The NEST will serve the current and coming water needs of the city for the foreseeable future,” Little said.

Landmark Structures will build the tower, which will be situated on land at Throckmorton Road east of Hwy 5. Another company, EST, Inc., has already completed engineering work for the project and oversaw the construction bidding process.

“The NEST is part of the city’s emphasis on investing in the critically important infrastructure that will nurture our city’s growth and development well into the years ahead,” Little said.

The project is expected to break ground soon and is anticipated to be completed in fall 2021. The price tag for the 165-foot-tall tower, which is designed to withstand the stresses of weather, is just under $5.4 million.

“The need for water rises in proportion to the increase in population and commercial activity,” Little explained. “With the rapid growth we’re experiencing throughout Melissa, the construction of the elevated water storage tower became a necessity. In fact, our planning process identified this several years ago and, at that time, put in place the process for the new tower.”