By Rick Atkinson

For the Anna-Melissa Tribune

Melissa and Anna remain Class 4A high schools - and district mates - in the University Interscholastic League’s newly released realignment for 2020-22 Texas high school football, volleyball and basketball.

The much-anticipated biennial report hit the streets on Feb. 3.

Every two years, the UIL reexamines high school enrollment figures across Texas and - with an eye toward geography as well - attempts to hit a fair and competitive balance for participants. UIL realignments for sports besides football, volleyball and basketball will be released no later than March 16.

In football realignment for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 school years, Anna and Melissa remain in seven-team District 7-4A Division I, along with Argyle and Paris. Gone are Celina, Sanger and North Lamar as new members Carrollton Ranchview, Terrell and Kaufman come aboard.

Only football classifications include two separate divisions – Division I for larger enrollment schools; Division II for smaller ones. The enrollment range for Class 4A Division I football is 880 to 1229. Melissa’s official enrollment for this new realignment was 971 while Anna came in at 1,023. Terrell, with an enrollment of 1,222, is the largest school District 7-4A (I).

For basketball and volleyball in the new District 9-4A, Anna and Melissa keep prior opponents Celina, Sanger, Aubrey and Gainesville - and add Van Alstyne, which moved up from 3A and will be the smallest school in the district.

Class 6A Allen remains the largest high school in Texas, with an enrollment of 6,959.

Pastor Trey Graham of First Melissa Baptist church contributed to this report.



District 7-4A(I) teams/enrollment

Terrell 1,222

Kaufman 1,189

Argyle 1,051 Anna 1,023 Melissa 971

Paris 948

Ranchview 922

BASKETBALL/VOLLEYBALL District 9-4A teams/enrollment Anna 1,023

Melissa 971

Gainesville 887

Celina 850

Sanger 776

Aubrey 735

Van Alstyne 517