Anna team tennis rolled past Class 4A Alvarado, 15-4, on Aug. 27 at Alvarado High School. The win improved the Coyotes’ non-district record to 4-3. Anna’s Addy Schofield and Morgan Sharp remain undefeated in singles play this season, both with perfect 7-0 marks.

Anna winners versus Alvarado, with their scores, were Ryan Lamar/Brendan Muisyo, 8-5, and Zackari Eade/Simon Geren, 8-0, in boys doubles; Andrea Alvarez/Morgan Sharp, 8-4, Addy Schofield/Molli Woodbury, 8-5, and Maura Ballard/Olivia Simmons, 8-3, in girls doubles; Liz Engdahl/David Hanna, 9-8 (7-3) in mixed doubles; Bow Gates, 9-7, Ryan Lamar, 8-2, Brendan Miusyo, 8-3, and Zackari Eade, 8-3, in boys singles; and Morgan Sharp, 8-5, Andrea Alvarez, 8-3, Molli Woodbury, 8-4, Addy Schofield, 8-2, and Maura Ballard, 8-1, in girls singles.