To kick things off a new school year, the Anna Independent School District recently held its “Meet The Coyotes” event to rally the community and showcase student-athletes, cheerleaders and band members.

In years past, Anna has gone between hosting the event at the stadium and hosting it at AHS. However, this year it was held in the high school gym.

“I think we do Meet The Coyotes so we can get the community involved,” Anna coach Joey Hector said. “It lets them see the number of kids that are participating in our events and representing our school and community.”

The event starts with welcoming music from the band as the cheer squad gets the attendees to stand and clap.

In the next thirty minutes, the audience experiences performances from Anna High School’s band, cheerleading squad and color guard. They also are introduced to all of the students who are involved in every spring sport as well as the cheerleaders and band members.

“(We) just to try to get (the community) to rally behind these young people who are putting in so much time,” Hector said. “It also lets them know that the seasons are starting, as well as let the kids know that they are appreciated and that (the community) will come out and support them.”

Meet The Coyotes always ends in everyone locking pinkies while singing Anna High’s school song.

“When I see all of the people that come out to support the teams they love, it really shows me how much people care about this community,” senior football player Major Mosier said. “It inspires us to accomplish anything that we can to please the community and let them know that we’re here to play hard this year.”