Pep rally days are not like any regular day of the school year for all Anna High School students. They are days designated to promote school spirit and student unity.

On September 7th, AHS held its first pep rally of the year in preparation for the first home football game of the season.

This season is not beginning like any normal season as the Coyotes are breaking in a new stadium for the first time.

“I enjoy pep rallies because they bring the school together,” said senior Varsity Football player Nick Reid. “Every student is there and we all want to win.”

Students gather in the gym for songs, entertainment, games, and most importantly, some motivation for the players.

“For the players, I think they get to see how many people support their efforts and want to see them do well,” said Head Football Coach and Athletic Director Jason Heath. “I think it lets them know that they are not just representing themselves or a team, but a whole community.”

The students and faculty participated in a Tug of War tournament. In the first round, the freshman fell to the sophomores. In the second round, the juniors fell to the seniors. In the 3rd round, the sophomores fell to the seniors. Lastly, in the championship round, the seniors fell to the faculty.

“I think that it is cool when the teachers and student compete against each other,” said senior Varsity Football player Zach Howard. “It shows a different side of the teachers that we don’t get to see very often.”

The Cheerleaders along with the Band also perform at every pep rally.

“As coaches, we focus so much time on trying to prepare our team that we do not ever really get to sit back and enjoy the little things that make Fridays so great in the state of Texas,” said Heath. “We don’t get to see what goes on behind us on game nights so this gives us a small glimpse of what goes on.”

The energy is always high as one can hear students yelling and cheering as well as seeing them dance during the pep rallies.

“The pep rallies affect my mood because they get me locked in for the game,” said senior Varsity Football player Emmonte Davis. “I know they help the attendance of people at our games which means more cheers and a great game-day environment.”

Every AHS pep rally ends in an invitation to the games happening that night. They also end as every football game ends, in a playing of the school fight song by the band along with a singing of the school song by everyone attending.

“For the students, it can get them involved in some aspect of what goes on game nights,” said Heath. “They can feel a part of something bigger than just the game and develop a sense of pride in school and community.”