ANNA – Scores of high school baseball players converged on the Anna Sports Complex on Wednesday, June 6, in hopes of catching the eye of at least one of 35 college coaches assembled there for the day.

The occasion was The Complete Showcase’s DFW Prospect Camp, a one-day evaluation stage for high school players from this region, mostly juniors and seniors, who were looking to reach “the next level.” Based in McKinney, The Complete Showcase is owned by Logan Harrington and he was on hand, overseeing all the action in sunny, windy, 95-degree conditions. The event kicked-off at noon and ran till 6 p.m.

Coaches — from NCAA Division I to NAIA, from head coaches to all manner of assistants — were there searching for that roster-filling top talent. “Every single player is assigned to two coaches,” Harrington said. “Every coach has a binder and inside that binder they have about 10 players. They watch those 10 players thoroughly then talk to them and their parents at the end. And they really give an honest evaluation of where they’re at. It’s not going to be inflated. … They’re really honest with them.”

Harrington conducts perhaps 15 of these prospect camps per year, with events in Seguin, Texas, Oklahoma City and Kansas City. His biggest one is at McKinney’s Gabe Nesbitt Park, which he said attracts 85 college coaches — including about 35 from Division I programs.

At Anna, the players ran 60-yard dashes and hit off batting-cage tees — testing the ball’s “exit velocity” off the bat. In live hitting that followed, those times and velocities were provided to coaches in the stands as batters approached the plate. Defensive skills were also evaluated before the long day was done.

Pitchers and catchers had reported that morning to an indoor facility in McKinney. There, in a “bullpen” format, pitchers tossed 15 pitches each as coaches observed. Catchers were also evaluated on defensive skills.

Harrington sounded plenty impressed with Anna’s facility. “I think it is unbelievable,” he said. “This is my first time here. … This facility might be one of the best ones in the state of Texas, in my opinion.”

Anna head baseball coach Joey Hector was also there for this event on the Coyotes’ home turf.

“I’ve known Logan for a long time,” he said. “When I was in East Texas, he used to come out there and do these. … For the school district to allow us to host things like this, shows the commitment our school district has to kids. No matter what school they might attend, we’re trying to help kids get to another level and achieve the best they can. To have our facility be able to do that is awesome.”

He added, “Anytime you’ve got a guy like [Harrington] who’s trying to help young men get to the next level, I’m more than happy to help those guys out.”