On Friday, April 27, the Coyotes traveled to Paris Chisum for a warm-up game in preparation for the playoffs.

Anna pitcher junior Zach Howard pitched a total of five innings, striking out three. Freshman pitcher Jaden Torres closed out the warm-up game for the last two innings, resulting in a 2-0 loss for the Coyotes.

Chisum scored two early, with one run in both the second and third innings, leaving the Coyotes with three hits, but no runs in six and a half innings of play.

“I have been coaching for 22 years, and this is the 16th year to be in the playoffs,” said head coach Joey Hector. “You’ve gotta have warm-up games, but I don’t particularly put a whole lot of stock in them, but they do serve their purpose of preparing the team for what’s to come.”

On Saturday, April 28, the Anna Coyotes hosted a second warm-up game against Farmersville.

Anna freshman pitcher Rawley Hector pitched a total of five innings, striking out seven and leaving Farmersville scoreless. Senior Colton Brown closed out the game for the last two innings, striking out two.

“I know we can pitch. We proved that in the two warm-up games — both of our guys did a good job, gave up two runs last night and two runs today with two pitchers in both games,” said Hector. “We just have got to get some guys swinging the bat.”

The Coyotes scored early with a run in the second inning and another one in the fourth. Farmersville soon caught up, scoring runs in the sixth and seventh innings to tie the game up at the top of the seventh.

“The loss last night did not change how we came into today,” said senior Colton Brown. “I think I speak for the team when I say that we love waking up and coming out here and working. I feel like it helps us lock in for the game.”

With bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the seventh, junior Dylan Burr went up to hit. Burr was walked, and the game was ended with a final score of 3-2.

“We took it as if we lost game one [against Paris]. This game was going to be our game two, so we felt good where we are at,” said freshman Rawley Hector. “It gave us a good look at what the mindset of a playoff series will feel like, getting home late and coming back early in the morning.”

The Anna Coyotes will face the Crandall Pirates in a series of playoff games on Thursday, May 4 and Friday, May 5 at 7 p.m. in Wylie on both nights.

“It was the last game on the home field, but we still have practice,” said Colton Brown. “That’s how I see it, coming back here Monday after school to come and work towards getting ready for those playoff games.”