The Melissa High School powerlifting team traveled to the Whitesboro Invitational last week.

Lady Cardinal Priscilla Adejokun brought home another gold medal and won the Most Outstanding Heavy Weight Lifter award.

Adejokun had a personal best squat of 525 lbs., a personal best bench of 240 lbs., and tied her personal best deadlift with 500 lbs. She had a total of 1265 lbs. for the meet and is currently ranked first in the state by 260 lbs.

Cardinals Breelyn Armstrong and Tyson Owen led the way with personal best squats of 485 and 475 lbs., while JaBray Young benched 260 lbs. and deadlifted 430 lbs.

With the exception of regional qualifiers, the boys and girls will compete in their final powerlifting meet of the year on Saturday, Feb. 18 in Forney.