The Anna High School heavy lifters started off the season by hosting their annual meet on Jan. 11. The Coyotes had four lifters medal with two first place finishers.

Garrett Lansford took first place in the 198 class with a total weight of 1,360 pounds, while Danielle Gonzales tallied a total weight of 1,110 pounds.

Gonzales is the two-time defending state champion and has her focus on winning a third title as she wraps up her high school career. Gonzales earned the Outstanding Lifter Award for the girls upper division.

"Overall, our first meet went very well," Anna Head Coach James Lane said. "The kids have been working hard since late November and it showed on Saturday. Lansford, Kemp, Gonzales and Miller had great days and all have a legitimate chance at qualifying for the regional and state meets. We also have quite a few younger kids who lifted for the first time Saturday in competition, handled it very well, and will no doubt improve throughout the rest of the season."

There are three more powerlifting meets in the regular season. The next meet is scheduled for Jan. 23 in Whitesboro and there are two in February – at S&S and Howe – before the regional meet on Feb. 22 in Wylie. The State meet is in Corpus Christi March 14-15.

Anna’s individual results from the meet are listed below:


Garrett Lansford (198 weight class): 1st place, Total Weight 1360

James Kemp (220 weight class): 3rd place, Total Weight 1290

Chase Pinion (198 weight class): 4th place, Total Weight 1085

Jeremy Mansur (181 weight class): 6th place, Total Weight 840

Tony Ramirez (275 weight class): 6th place, Total Weight 1050

Antonio Barragan (148 weight class): 12th place, Total Weight 760

J’varri Stewart (148 weight class): 13th place, Total Weight 750


Danielle Gonzales (181 Weight Class): 1st place, Total Weight 1110.

Jordan Miller (105 Weight Class): 2nd place, Total Weight 495

Autumn Spaeth (114 Weight Class): 4th Place, Total Weight 380

Vail Springer (148 Weight Class): 4th Place, Total Weight 585