Summer snuck in like a thief in the dead of night last Friday. But summer’s arrival was pretty much a non-event here since we already were basking in the 90s for a number of days.

So what’s in store for us here for the summer of 2013? Well, if you believe the weather prognosticators, they are predicting this summer to hit above normal temperatures, which in July and August average between 94 and 97 degrees. While a typical summer has 18 100 degree days, meteorologists are saying that it would take extraordinary conditions for this summer to top the summer of 2011. That year, as we all well remember, we sweltered through the most 100 degree days on record with 70, topping the benchmark summer of 1980 that had 69 days. So, unless you’re a glutton for punishment, there’s not much chance in hoping for another streak.

Ah, but there’s another heat streak in the works, in Anchorage, Alaska of all places. Yup. Alaska!

So far, Anchorage has had six days over 70 degrees, then hit a high of 68, followed by five more days of 70 degrees or better. And, incidentally, that was exactly one month after the city’s last snowfall.

By the way, the record in Anchorage of consecutive days with temperatures of 70 or better was 13 days, set in 1953.

So, casting aside parkas and mukluks, the city’s delighted residents are heading to beach parties at Goose Lake in Anchorage. But, apparently not everyone is thrilled with the weather, many complaining that it’s just too hot…

So, maybe, just maybe we could organize a good neighbor exchange program. We’ll spend the summer in Anchorage, shivering in 70 degree weather, and the folks from the last frontier, where you can see Russia according to the now-faded Tea Party queen (sorry, I just couldn’t resist that) can experience what a real summer is all about.