Lawrence Goade belted a home run with a fly ball to left field in the bottom of the fifth inning for the Coyotes on April 15 in what turned out to be the Coyotes’ only run in a 5-1 seven-inning loss at home to Princeton.

Gage Scribner gave an all-around highlight performance and did not make it an easy victory for Princeton at the plate or in the batter’s box. Scribner hit a hard ground ball to left field in the bottom of the first inning and a line drive to center field in the seventh inning. Despite swinging for some big hits against Princeton, Anna (11-6) could not get across home plate.

Coyote pitcher Brayden Houston kept the Panthers on their toes, allowing no earned runs, walking none and striking out four during his two innings. Koy Harris pitched five innings, walked one, struck out two and allowed five runs.

Princeton won the game with a total of five hits and four RBI, never trailing after scoring one run in the second inning on an RBI double. The Panthers secured the win after scoring three runs in the top of the fifth.

Anna will try to lay the foundation for another winning streak when the next game is announced. The Coyotes’ Tuesday night matchup with Quinlan Ford was postponed due to large amounts of standing water on Anna’s home field. Be sure to check the Tribune’s Facebook page for updates on all Coyote sports at or

Box Score

Anna 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 — 1

Princeton 0 1 0 1 3 0 0 — 5