This year’s Melissa Cardinals baseball team has been very successful, with a 12-game winning streak mid-season and a district championship under its belt.

"This year has been exciting and fun, winning the district championship," junior Grant Meeks said. "We didn’t know exactly how well our team would hold up in 3A play, but we have blown away expectations."

The team is now headed to playoffs, and they are quite optimistic.

"We feel really good about how playoffs is looking for us," senior Camden Duzenack said. "We are hoping to play our best ball in playoffs, knowing that we are capable of beating any team in the state of Texas."

The first playoff game will begin the second week of may, as there is a bi-week; but the team is already looking past playoffs and toward State.

"The team overall is playing very well together," Duzenack said. "We hope to play very deep into playoffs and see if we can win a State Championship."

In 2013, there were high expectations for the players who took the spots of last year’s seniors.

"New players have had to step up and fill the various passions that were lost from the graduating seniors," Duzenack said. "However, young players as well as move-ins have filled these positions and we feel that we have improved from last year."

While at first the task of replacing the previous years’ seniors seemed tedious, the players have proved to work well as a team.

"We have a special group of guys that connect well," Meeks said. "[They] have made this year special."

The goal is to continue improving year by year and it seems the baseball boys have succeeded.

"We try to get better and better each year," Duzenack said. "And we feel that we have done that."

The 2013 game season, up to this point, has surpassed previous years’ as well as expectations.

"This year has been awesome," Meeks said. "I’m not looking forward to ending it, but hopefully it will come with a State Trophy."

Editor’s Note: Savannah Hubbard is the Student Life and Photography Editor for the Cardinal Courier, the student news site of Melissa High School, which can be found at The Cardinals will play in the area round of the State Playoffs on Friday and Saturday against Sanger in a best-of-three series at McKinney Boyd High School.