Brandon Hawks, a student at Joe K. Bryant Elementary in Anna, won six Texas State Championship titles and two district titles in 2013 in ATA Martial Arts. He competed in 15 tournaments, including the Little Rock World Tournament and Las Vegas National tournament.

His record is 61 firsts, 18 seconds and 18 third place wins. Hawks competed in eight categories throughout the tournament year and took state in traditional weapons, combat weapons, creative forms, creative weapons, extreme forms and extreme weapons.

The tournament year ran from June 2012 to May 2013.

Hawks also won two district championships in creative weapons and extreme weapons. He received his first degree black belt on June 14.

Brandon is enrolled at Senior Master Mark Sustaire (7th degree) and Master Barbara Sustaire’s (6th degree) ATA Martial Arts School (

Hawks began training in January of 2011. He is instructed and trained by black belt instructors Scott Morrison, 5th degree, Andrew Vorster, 3rd degree, Tom Villani, 2nd degree, Brayden Villani, 2nd, Laura Chase, 3rd degree and Jaime Stephens, 5th degree.