The Melissa Lady Cardinal powerlifters came away with from the Division 2, Region 6 Powerlifting Championships on Feb. 22 with two medals.

Freshman Priscilla Adejokun earned the silver medal as well as a trip to Corpus Christi for the State Powerlifting Meet to be held on March 15. She finished with a squat of 335 pounds, a bench of 135 lbs and a deadlift of 325 lbs for a 795-pound total.

Junior Brianna Bradshaw received the third place bronze medal. Her lifts: squat - 310 lbs, bench - 120 lbs, and deadlift - 305 lbs for a 735-pound total. She will accompany Adejokun as a state alternate.

Bridie Burchett, also a junior, finished with a personal best total of 465 pounds overall with 155 lbs on squat, 95 lbs on bench and a 195 pound deadlift.

For the boys, senior Austin Reese and sophomore Jordan Fortner qualified for the regional meet to be held over the March 1 weekend in Decatur.