The other morning, as is my usual routine, I got on our home computer for my early morning checks — email, some work related web sites and whatever else looked worthwhile to waste a few minutes or so.

As I glanced at the three-day weather report that my wife Marge has on the Google screen something didn’t look right. After all, I’m a weather junkie so the projected highs were easily spotted as at least 10 degrees off the mark on the high side. Not to worry though, since if you managed to get the six top area weather forecasters in one room all, no doubt, would be projecting different numbers anyway.

Ah, but then the mystery got really murky. The weather heading instead of listing Anna, Texas now was Anna, Valencian Community. Wow! Now I pride myself on keeping up with what goes on in my hometown, so how did I miss all this? Could it be that the city fathers overcome by euphoria, decided to covertly to take our burg upscale, sort of like Preston Hollow or Highland Park?

So rather than waste time pondering the unknown, it was time to jump to my always reliable back-up plan.

"Maaaarge, can you come over here a minute and take a look at this?"

See, I know that Marge is the original Curious George and won’t rest until the unknown is known. In the meantime, I’ll just head to the kitchen for another cup of coffee.

Well folks, Curious George, of course, came through. The Valencian Community is an autonomous community of Spain, located in central Iberian Peninsula. It hugs 321 miles of Mediterranean coastline and covers 14,452 miles of land with 5.1 million inhabitants. And oh, the capitol, and the largest city, is Valencia.

The origin of present day Valencian Community goes back to the former kingdom of Valencia in the 13th century. It was taken over by King Phillip V decree in 1707, and while there were a number of attempts by the Valencians to gain self government, it wasn’t until 1982 that the autonomous designation was granted.

Eventuallyn Marge returned Anna, Texas to its rightful spot on the Google screen and the Valencian Community flew off into cyberspace. While I’m sure that Marge would devote ample time to solve the rest of the mystery it’s probably better to let "sleeping dogs lie" and not upset some spaced out computer geek.

But, you know, I kind of liked this fancy Valencia Community moniker. It had such a nice ring to it…