The wife and I hit that magical one-year mark (one year of marriage, we’ve been together a lot longer than that) and decided the best thing to do would be to leave town. We are not of the world-traveler variety, you see, so our trips tend to be on the closer-to-home side. Such was the case a couple of weeks ago when we packed three days worth of clothes into her little Fiat and took off for parts unknown — okay, San Antonio, but some people don’t know those parts.

One of the great things about living in the Lone Star State is that you can travel in-state and still be on the road for six hours and feel like you’ve driven cross country. We played it smart, however, breaking our trip down into two parts: B.A. and A.A. (before Austin and after Austin.) The reasoning here is simple: Austin is home to one of our favorite restaurants and the city is just a blast to troll around in. We hit up Baby Acapulco’s (the best fajitas ever, trust me on this) and did some shopping while we were down there. I’m constantly amazed at the sheer number of tattoos and body piercings you see in our state capital. While I’m pretty sure Rick Perry has neither (maybe that Republican elephant lurks somewhere out of sight) it seems like most of the rest take to the ink and piercing gun. But that’s part of what makes Austin weird and invigorating at the same time.

The drive from Austin to San Antonio is pretty uneventful, though I did learn something new. Did you know the town of Buda apparently sold its water tower rights to sporting goods megastore Cabela’s? Yes, the city’s water tower is painted up as one giant Cabela’s ad. I know Melissa has its color-changing lights on the water tower, but should Anna and Van Alstyne consider selling ad space on their water towers?

Upon arrival in San Antonio we hit our hotel and quickly made our way to the Riverwalk, the city’s signature. We had made reservations at the swankiest outdoor restaurant ever, and I paid the most I’ve ever paid for a piece of charred flesh in my life. However, my wife looked beautiful, the riverwalk view was fantastic and it was a great night. But I’m still hurting just thinking about that bill…

My history geek side kicked in and the first thing we did on our first whole day there was visit the Alamo. I’ve seen it before but since then I’ve read a few more books on the history and wanted to see where Davy Crockett made his last stand and where the first volley from the cannons were fired. The sense of history is incredible, it is truly felt in the air. Even the youngsters were quiet while making their way through the hallowed halls of the most important historical building in Texas. I could walk through those doors 100 more times and not tire of it.

Of course, we had all these other things planned to do on our trip, but as it often turns out found ourselves out of energy before we were out of ideas. The Riverwalk is long, and one wrong turn leads to miles of nearly nothing. Still, the whole weekend was great, it was cool being in a city that was hosting the NBA Finals (though a ticket to that would have cost more than that crazy steak) and we got away from our "real lives" if only for a few days.

Oh, and the drivers. Ah, the drivers, those we share the road with…Get this, they actually get out of the fast lane if they’re not passing someone. Yes, you read me right, drivers don’t do 60 miles an hour in the fast lane, this is apparently a North Texas tradition. And speaking of driving, we found the new 80 mph toll road. I can now say that I’ve done over 90 mph in a Fiat. It couldn’t have been a better getaway…