So, it’s awards season. Apparently, Hollywood has this thing called The Oscars, or some such.

I, however, was in attendance at the Greater Anna Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet held at Collin County Adventure Camp on Saturday night. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Hats off to Chamber Director Sara Cox and her board of directors as it was a well-run evening with good food, a few laughs and some very well-deserved honors. And for those who haven’t been to the Adventure Camp — a number which would have included me prior to Saturday night — you have to go see this place. I plan to do a full-on story about this great YMCA destination in the future (shame on me for not getting out there earlier than this) as it’s an incredible nature facility that lies just east of Anna.

I’ve always appreciated awards season. I was part of a sports-site start-up in McKinney several years ago and as part of my beat I attended every awards banquet held by McKinney North high school in a calendar year. And let me tell you — it was a large number. While the pace got tiring the awards themselves were worth the effort and the effect it had on those in attendance was remarkable.

The GACC Awards Banquet was no different. Some familiar, and well-deserving, faces were part of the awards ceremony. As a matter of fact, I felt a certain point-of-pride with several of the winners. Duane Hayes, the Texas Star banker who has also earned some notoriety in the Cowboy Action Shooting world, was named Business Person of the Year. He was also the subject of a feature story by yours truly in The Anna-Melissa Tribune. The Tribune’s’ own sports editor, Marcus Elliott, was honored for his work in the community along with Phil Morgan as Pin Oaks Christian Church was named the Community Partner of the Year. And Jim Rountree, whom we’ve had occasion to work with as part of Coyote Call, the Anna ISD mentoring program, was named Citizen of the Year.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a certain special elation in hearing those names called out.

Then there were the seating arrangements. The Lovely Mrs. W and I had the pleasure to be seated at the Anna ISD table. As it turns out, the three women also seated at the table — Jayme Hawthorne, Penny Barnes and Amy Pratt — were the three nominees for Educator of the Year. Pratt took home the award but all three were deserving.

We were in good company for dinner that night, and I’m not just talking about our table.