The rumors that have long circulated in Anna are no longer rumors – yes, Walmart is coming to town.

Anna’s Planning and Zoning Commission approved Walmart’s development plan, preliminary plat and landscape plan in a special meeting on Tuesday night.

The proposed store will be located at the northeast corner of U.S.75 and FM 455, in the same area where CVS is currently building their pharmacy. Of the property’s total 135 acres, Walmart will occupy 20 acres. It will be a 189,000 square-foot Walmart Supercenter, which will include groceries, a pharmacy, vision center, general merchandise, garden center and a number of other amenities.

Anna Planning Director Maurice Schwanke confirmed that Walmart’s approval process will now move up to Anna City Council and will be on the agenda for the Jan. 28 meeting.

This will be a major retail addition to Anna benefiting both the city from a tax collection standpoint and area residents as a major employer. Conversely, what negative effect Walmart may have on local area businesses is unknown at this time.