Three more members of Van Alsytne Boy Scout Troop 44 have completed their Eagle projects, well on their way to achieving their Eagle ranks in this historic 100th anniversary year for the troop. Wiley Murphy, Trevor Murphy and Wyatt Crowell each oversaw a construction project for Pin Oaks Christian Fellowship in Anna the weekend of July 27-28, resulting in a new playground, fence and concrete improvements for the church.

Wiley Murphy’s project was the playground, which involved acquiring a deconstructed playground and putting it back together on site. It was quite a puzzle involving several men and older scouts, as well as heavy equipment to dig the holes for the supporting poles. Once complete, the playground was impressive and the children were very grateful for the addition to their church.

In order to keep the playground safe and protect it from unattended play, Trevor Murphy designed a steel fence with locking gates to enclose the playground and called upon two local welders — who just happened to be a scout dad and granddad — to assist with that project. The fence was painted a dark green to protect the metal, and it blends in with the church setting.

Crowell’s project involved designing and pouring a concrete drainage system for the playground area, a sidewalk connecting it to the existing church sidewalks and a concrete curb to hold the playground gravel in place. Digging the drainage ditch and carrying the heavy bags of concrete required many helpers and kept many of the younger scouts busy on the project.

All in all, three separate Eagle projects combined to create a very complete playground for the church, an effort that would have been well beyond a single project and would have required much expense in labor were the church to have had to pay to have a playground installed. The Troop was very pleased with the large turn-out, so many of the boys pitching in to help their fellow scouts, and to have accomplished so much over one weekend — although a very long weekend it was for some.

The scouts are now preparing for another busy Fall with many dates already on the calendar, including raising the flags at every home football game this season. September will kick-off with Labor Day flag observance with the boys placing the flags around homes throughout Van Alstyne participating in the flag lease program. A September camp-out is already in the works, and October plans include the annual National Night Out, Friends of the Library Book Sale, Great Days of Service and the newly-instituted Van Alstyne Fall der All, at which the scouts will hold a garage sale to raise funds for the troop. The community is encouraged to come out for all of these events and greet the scouts, thanking them for their tireless service.