Some of us are physically fit, some even extremely fit, others just so-so and many of us hate to admit that we’re sort of out of shape.

All of us, however, are invited to take part in the Seventh Annual Fitness Challenge on Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 19 and 20, hosted by Van Alstyne Physical Therapy and Fitness Center.

The 2014 Challenge will feature individual and team competition, from kids to seniors, in pull-ups, elliptical, bench press, bike, hanging crunch, step-ups, shoulder press, treadmill and plate push. All of these events will be conducted at competitors’ appropriate fitness and age levels.

So, plain and simply, all of us can meet The Challenge.

Still not sure about all of this? Then stop in at Van Alstyne Fitness at 176 N. Main for a demonstration of The Challenge. And there’s more – non-members are welcome on Thursdays when they or their team can practice.

To participate in The Challenge there is a $25 minimum fee and you must sign up for a day and time to compete, either in person at VA Fitness or by calling 903-482-9741. Registration forms are also available on line at

Perhaps the best part of The Challenge? All proceeds from the event will once again benefit Naomi’s Village, a children’s orphanage in Maai Mahiu, Kenya, Africa which opened its doors in 2011.

So whether you live in Van Alstyne, Anna, Melissa, Howe or other surrounding communities, now is the time to sign up for The Challenge, start practicing and check off that New Year resolution to take better care of yourself.