Council approved the extension of two Anna Police Department contracts with Collin County. The first extends the dispatch agreement, wherein the police department receives dispatch services and the city pays a fee for each call, through the end of the 2014 fiscal year. The second contract extended the agreement for jail services as used by the department for all of the city’s jail service needs. This contract runs through September 30, 2014.

A public hearing was held for a request by Kathy Brand, owner of property at 3128 Urban Way in the Urban Crossing subdivision. Brand requested a Specific Use Permit to allow the use of concrete stucco in the construction of a new single-family home. Planning Director Maurice Schwanke pointed out that while the zoning ordinance definition does not recognize stucco as acceptable requirement, the city’s Residential Building Standards permits an exception when recommended by the Planning and Zoning Commission and approved by council.

Following the public hearing council approved the requested Specific Use Permit.

Council also approved a development plat for the construction of a River Road Wedding Pavilion to be located within Anna’s extra-territorial jurisdiction at 5500 CR 424.

Finance Director Clayton Fulton briefed council on 2013 fiscal year budget amendments. Fulton said that the revenue and expenditure estimates for the 2013 fiscal year show excess revenues over expenditures and that there are a number of requests for capital items. The funding requests include: the replacement of the Fire Chief’s command vehicle, the replacement of the police department’s administrative vehicle, emergency operations equipment, additional sod for Slayter Creek Park Phase II, a security alarm system for Slayter Creek Park, the need to cover increased election costs, replacement of a public works vehicle and potential personnel requests.

Fulton said all requests would either be funded with the projected excess revenue or with special revenue that is part of the city’s restricted fund balance. All or part of these requests will ultimately have to be approved by Council.

"We’ll bring this back to Council at a later date," said Fulton.

City Manager Philip Sanders updated the council on new office space options for the city’s Planning and Finance personnel. Sanders said staff looked at a number of options narrowing down to the most acceptable one – relocating the two finance employees across the street to the Police Department building and moving the five planning employees to the Public Works building. He estimated that the construction cost would be $334,000. That number includes building additional space on the south and north sides of the building, paving the parking lot which now is gravel and demolition of the old building by city hall.