Students, parents and the community gave the Lady Coyote basketball team a big sendoff for their bi-district playoff game against Dallas Roosevelt in Richardson. The amount of support the team received was greatly appreciated.

"The support we had from everyone was great. They were very loud, and I appreciated them being there," said senior Breeanna Dilldine.

Everyone gave the girls a lot to be appreciative of. It all started with the entire student body lining the school hallways, exploding with school spirit as the team walked through on their way out the door with the band playing the Anna Fight Song. Then as the girls hit the road, their bus was led and followed by a police escort. The bus passed by parents and other community fans standing alongside the road holding up signs and cheering them on.

Of course, all of the school spirit did not end there. Many parents showed up to the game early and hung posters of each of the girls on the bleachers in the gym, and many loud and proud fellow students showed up. It was also quite the honor to see Superintendent Larry Johnson, Assistant Superintendent Thomas O’Neal, Principal Andy Cellars, Athletic Director Jason Heath and many other coaches there all

cheering on the girls.

There was not a dull moment in the gym that night. The crowd joined the cheerleaders throughout the game. The crowd did not lose hope in the team and supported them until the very end. Even after the hard-fought loss to Dallas Roosevelt, no one left. Fans waited out in the hallway and applauded the players as they walked out so that they could congratulate each girl for her achievements this season.

This small town community came alive for this single big cause, their very own Lady Coyotes.

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