Melissa’s City Council will have a mixture of the familiar and the new as one incumbent and a challenger prevailed in the May 11 general election.

Two city council seats were on the ballot as voters took to the polls in Melissa on Saturday. Place 2 was a contest between incumbent Sharon Weideman and challenger Ann Kean-Teed. Weideman won the day, talling 187 votes (54 percent), edging Kean-Teed to keep her Place 2 seat. Tead recorded 16 percent of the votes with 158 total.

The Place 4 seat was also up for grabs with incumbent Bill Farmer hoping to hold back the challenge of Jason Kaiser. In the end, Kaiser got 65 percent of the vote (242) with Farmer collecting 129 votes (35 percent.)

"From the moment I submitted my application as a candidate I knew it would take a team of highly motivated volunteers to beat a formidable incumbent," Kaiser told the Tribune. "Upon hearing the election results, I was filled with mixed emotions. The sense of calm, knowing the campaign was over was intertwined with the elation and pressure of knowing the path ahead is greater than me and my family.

"Every family in Melissa is now my priority," added Kaiser. "I truly believe that as a whole and as individuals, this is a victory for everyone. Over 11 percent of registered voters voiced their opinion for a ballet that was for local elections only. This speaks volumes of the involvement, investment, and pride of the community."