The holidays are in full swing in Anna. Christmas is over, and the town and schools showed quite a bit of the Christmas spirit in the past few days, holding several holiday events. The setting was perfect with ice still covering many of the buildings and the sidewalks. Some of the events included Breakfast with Santa, which was held at Rattan Elementary School, along with the annual Anna Christmas Parade that ran through the downtown square.

But one of the favorite things to see and do during the holiday season is the Anna High School Band Christmas Concert.

On Dec.15, the AHS band held the performance in the auditorium at the high school. The band performed a set of classic Christmas music that is heard throughout the season, along with some unfamiliar songs. The band’s plan was to add a unique twist to the concert.

"We were trying a jazz approach this year," said junior Matt Seago, a trombone player in the band.

The AHS band, directed by Chris Burk, has won numerous awards and competitions. They put a lot of effort into their performances and months of work into their music, including the Christmas concert, the annual parade, concerts at the nearby retirement homes, as well as the faculty luncheon.

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