The Melissa City Council held a special meeting Tuesday as part of the city charter requirement to hold two public hearings in order for the property tax rate to go into effect. Council also formed this year’s Tax Increment Financing District 1 board of directors.

Council conducted the public hearing and was warmly met, receiving no opposition. Melissa citizen Randy Kaiser addressed the council.

"I do want to compliment all of you for your diligence and the budget preparation for this year. I’d like to, especially as a citizen, thank our city manager Jason Little for being such a great steward of our taxpayer’s money. I think he’s done a great job, he always has and I think he’s a real asset to our city. I want to thank all of you," said Kaiser.

The public hearing was closed and Council moved to pass a resolution appointing members to the Tax Increment Financing District 1 board of directors. Nicco Warren, Place 3, was appointed to the position of chairman. The board will be comprised of Mayor Reed Greer and council members Julie Anderson, Jason Kaiser, and David Kasson. The board will meet as necessary with at least one meeting per year. The financing district is approximately 644 acres in size with the capacity to increase to roughly 800 acres. The district includes the Villages of Melissa subdivision , parts of land bordering Highway 5 and a few smaller tracts of land.

The value of the financial district has grown from its original $13.5 million to $42.2 million, according to the latest tax assessment. The Villages of Melissa composes the majority of the district with approximately 230 lots in the nearly complete phase one with approximately 285 lots being added with the completion of phase two by the end of the calendar year.

The revenue generated from the Tax Increment Financing District Board 1 will help fund the city’s projects included in the fiscal year budget.