Melissa City Council met Tuesday to consider and act upon land annexation, a specific use permit and re-plat for the Melissa Independent School District, a joint use resolution for the city and MISD concerning Melissa Zadow Park and a negotiated resolution between the City of Melissa and Atmos Energy. It was a full night.

Council passed an ordinance for the annexation of roughly four acres of land; the residents will now be entitled to the rights and privileges of all city residents.

Council conducted a public hearing regarding the Melissa Independent School District’s request for a specific use permit in order to construct new parking facilities. The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended adopting an ordinance that will amend Melissa’s comprehensive zoning ordinance 92-08, which will allow for the building of paved parking areas, which includes the high school’s stadium parking.

Council approved the motion regarding the Planning and Zoning Commission’s request to re-plat an area of land generally located at the northeast corner of Cardinal Drive and Fannin Road and from Fannin Road to Wysong Street. This will allow for flexible expansion with the future addition of a new gym and band hall for the high school as well as new classrooms for the elementary school.

MISD and the city will have joint use of Melissa Zadow Park through a joint use agreement, which was also approved by the council.

Council carried an ordinance approving a negotiated resolution between the Atmos Cities Steering Committee and Atmos Energy Corporation Mid-Texas Division. The City of Melissa is a member of a coalition of 164 cities, which share resources that make it much more efficient to address energy corporations with issues such as unreasonable rate increases. In the instance before the council, the city found Atmos’ rate increase to be unreasonable and negotiated a resolution adopting tariffs that reflect rate adjustments consistent with the negotiated settlement. The agreement requires the company to reimburse the city’s reasonable ratemaking expenses, repealed conflicting resolutions or ordinances. The ordinance was passed meeting the requirements of the Texas Open Meetings Act. The new rate will go into effect November 1.