Boy Scouts from Melissa’s Troop 413 are getting expert help from a local business in earning their metalworking merit badge. HB Welding is owned and operated by Delvin Dupuy and has an all professional team of highly skilled employees. One such employee is Jeremy Michels, a trained professional blacksmith with more than 18 years of experience.

The Boy Scouts listened as Michels covered safety, giving this subject the highest priority. Each Scout wore leather gloves, safety glasses and was made aware of the dangers of working in the shop area. Next came the steps in making a project.

"There is a process" Michels said, "and we will follow each step of the process over the next three meetings so that you understand what it takes to complete a product. You will be in the working triangle; the area where your tools, workbench and machinery will be easy and safe to move from one to another."

Michels introduced Scouts to the forge, which heats the steel to make it easy to work with.

"This is hot, 17,000 degrees, and will heat your material till we can hammer and work the steal into the hatchet you will be making," instructed Michels.

Over the course of the next few weeks Scouts will build a working hatchet and learn safety, how to work in a shop area and savor the chance to work and build under a professional blacksmith.

Troop 413 meets every Monday at the Melissa Christian Church with Scoutmaster Scott Ball. To learn more about the Boy Scouts contact Ball at 903-267-0560.