Melissa City Council met Tuesday with a regular agenda of city ordinances to be passed, annexation and the declaration of a day of awareness.

September 21 which is Myositis awareness day around the world, will now be Myositis Awareness Day in Melissa. Myositis is the inflammation of the muscles. There are several forms of the condition, which is caused most often by autoimmune complications. Cheri Nelson, a Melissa citizen and Juvenile Myositis survivor, received an official copy of the city’s proclamation. Nelson was accompanied by her friends and family including her biggest supporter, husband Andrew Nelson,

"It’s a very rare disorder, only three out of every million people in the U.S. have it, so there’s only maybe 900 people in the U.S. that have it. So this is just a way to get the word out and say this is affecting people and its usually younger kids that really don’t have a voice for themselves," said Nelson.

"I definitely want to thank the mayor and the City of Melissa," she added. "We are trying to get every city, nationally and internationally to notice and know what Myositis is. Everybody is different no two cases are alike. It takes a strain of amino acids and your body thinks that a regular amino acid is an enemy and it starts killing it off. I was 17, I was going to go to college and starting my classes, and within six weeks I went from being an all-county softball player to not being able to get out of a chair. I have been in remission for 8 eight years. "

Council conducted a public hearing to hear comments for or against the voluntary annexation of multiple tracts of land located on Fannin Road. There were no citizen comments for or against the annexation.

Council passed ordinances adopting the city budget for the fiscal year 2013-14 and levying of the tax rate for the 2013 tax year. Council ratified, by way of vote, the property tax increase as reflected in the budget. The increase itself concerns the amount of taxes collected due to city expansion, not an increase in the tax rate the for property owners. The overall tax amount saw an increase in part due to property values going up. The property tax rate is .61 cents per $100.

Council passed a resolution authorizing an agreement between the City of Melissa and Fire Recovery U.S.A. to serve as a third party representative to pursue cost reimbursement for services provided on fire and rescue incidents. Melissa Fire Department Chief Watkins addressed the council,

"This is an avenue to recovering costs that are expended on our rescue responses, primarily hazmat or accidents that would use in-depth tools that are expensive to operate and replace," he explained.

The third party service would come at little to no cost to the taxpayers themselves and would greatly benefit the fire department in its ability to continue functioning admirably in a growing city.

"The traffic out there is not decreasing it is increasing," added Watkins.

Council passed the resolution.