The Melissa City Council met Monday to amend city ordinance, adopt a new ordinance, execute a construction funding agreement and approve a request for a new Melissa Fire Department vehicle. Council also accepted the resignation of Betty Walthall from the Melissa Community and Economic Development Corporation and 4B Board.

Council conducted a public hearing and passed an ordinance amending sections of Melissa’s code of ordinances as it regards to parking requirements. The amendment will help regulate the parking of construction vehicles in residential areas; it also updates the codes to be in compliance with Texas state laws passed on Sept. 1 and Jan. 1.

Council approved a resolution authorizing City Manager Jason Little to execute the construction funding agreement for the relocation of the Collin Grayson Municipal Alliance Water Supply Line. The project has been initialed due to the current reconstruction efforts underway on Highway 121 and in a joint effort with the Texas Department of Transportation and the City of Anna. The construction and relocation efforts will upgrade the waterline to better support occasional use by both cities in the dry seasons to come. Because of the fast rate of expansion in the Anna area, there is a high demand for water usage during the dryer parts of the year.

The City of Melissa will be entering into a U-35 agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation by the end of the month. The standard utility agreement will commit the state to the project and the reimbursement of costs associated. The funds associated with the project are from the Texas State Infrastructure Water Bank, which as of May contains roughly two billion dollars allotted by bills passed in the Texas state legislature in 2013. The majority of the costs involved with the project are to be fully reimbursed. The funds for the project should be available by the end of March.

Melissa Fire Department Chief Harold Watkins was on hand for the council’s approval of the purchase of a 2014 Chevrolet 1500 4X4 and all costs associated with necessary equipment and services. The vehicle will be outfitted to accommodate multiple uses and will be an upgrade from the former vehicle which is no longer fit for department use. The vehicle will better aid the department in its response to any emergency situation that arises and help continue their outstanding record of service.

"It will be used as a staff vehicle, responding to emergencies as a command vehicle, code enforcement training, and any other needs the department may have" said Watkins, "It is replacing a 2001 code enforcement car which was originally a patrol unit here. Thank you for your continued support."

Council recognized the wise investment so the half-ton, all-inclusive crew cab pickup will soon be available for full use by the Melissa Fire Department.