Johnny Bradley, owner and CEO of Bronco Manufacturing, along with company president Sammy Adams, welcomed Melissa High School engineering Students with open arms to tour the Bronco precision multi-axis CNC milling and turning facility. Bronco is a veteran-owned small business with the newest technology available in three, four and five axis CNC milling equipment combined with the latest CAD/CAM engineering, modeling and code-generating software reaffirms.

MHS science and engineering instructor Rick Gagarin teamed with city engineer Bob Helmberger and city councilman William Farmer to bring new opportunities to the engineering students. The students were introduced to advanced milling and turning technology and expert operators in an environment centered around the highest quality and precision in manufacturing. Each student observed the manufacturing of parts used in medical surgical support pumps to military sensor and surveillance equipment.

The MHS engineering students showed off their engineering abilities while touring the precision quality measuring area. It is in this area that the final product is measured for specifications to meet each drawing and customer requirements to the thousandths of an inch.

The Melissa engineering class receives college credits, and many have moved on to colleges and universities as sophomores through the outstanding support of Gagarin and the Melissa ISD staff. The students work in software design, computer drafting, digital electronics, mechanical and electrical engineering and are exposed to outside opportunities through surrounding companies like Bronco and Raytheon and the support of local engineers.