For 125 years, Anna United Methodist Church has stood as a beacon of God’s love and a place where you could experience that love without question. This church has helped the needy, fed the hungry, clothed the naked and provided for the many needs of the Anna community for as long as it has been standing. Now that house of God is getting some needed TLC.

If you drive by Anna United Methodist Church, you will notice that there has been a lot going on over the past several months. There are some changes that are immediately noticeable and some that are more subtle. In addition to a remodeled fellowship hall and updated kitchen and bathrooms, we recently remodeled our nursery and have changing tables in both bathrooms.

Three years ago we remodeled the youth annex and provided a space that is youth-friendly and separate from the rest of the education wing. The youth annex has a pool table, an air hockey table, comfortable couches and a flat screen television. We will soon have an area where the middle school students and the high school students will be separate.

The biggest remodel that we have done is in our sanctuary with a completely updated traditional sanctuary. Our sanctuary is our oldest building and was beginning to show its age. While the look of the sanctuary was very beloved to many of us, we realized that we had to have an update. The walls have been painted, the floors have been redone, new pews were purchased and new carpet installed. The sanctuary originally had two main aisles, but the new pews allowed for one center aisle which is better to accommodate weddings and funerals. The altar rail was taken out to provide more room for the pews and seating but was reinstalled using the original railing on the front of the chancel area, where a modesty rail had been previously. When the contractor was fixing the floors he noticed that there was no subfloor. The only thing between the floor joists and feet was the wood floor. The remodel committee decided to install new floor over the existing floor which would also serve as a sound barrier.

The church has experienced a good amount of remodeling over the past five years and we are getting ready for another 125 years of sharing God’s love. Anna United Methodist Church is located at 100 W. Second in Anna.